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Journal|[J]International Journal of Science and BusinessVolume 1, Issue 1. 2017. PP 1-7
Tools of online Marketing
Abstract / 摘要
Online marketing is the most crucial issue in the modern marketing era but there was no previous research that could identify the tools of internet marketing before this study and it was the first study on the field of online marketing tools. This research was descriptive in nature and it has attempted to identify the major tools of internet marketing from the concepts of traditional marketing tools. Worldwide network is known as Internet that can exchange information between users and world wide web is the subset of internet that caters specifically to Web sites. Marketing is the process of creating and maintaining the need and want of customer and maintaining long term profitable customer relationship. online marketing, internet marketing and e-marketing is the interchangeable term. when marketing activities are conducted by internet is called online or internet marketing or e-marketing. There is no doubt about it- internet has changed the marketing activities in the modern world so this study identified and classified the tools of online marketing (online product, price place and promotion).
Keywords / 关键词
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